The Time Spent Poorly Show! – Ep – 8 – Loving Embraces

Derek and Edwardo are back! They convene to discuss how their summer has been going. Derek talks about his honeymoon in New Orleans and Edwardo shares his adventures in camping. Derek also shares Bree's career change to work for a funeral home. Bree can be heard in a phone call to the show in episode 1 of the Time Spent Poorly Show! where she talks about her desire to work in the death field. Edwardo also shares his attempt to hate watch Amy Schumer's movie "I Feel Pretty." Derek and Edwardo also recognize talented female comics. The episode is bookended by some movie and TV talk.

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Ep – 03 – Exercise in Patience

Cam and dad hang 10. Little sis Z joins in and is incredibly talkative...more so than expected. Witness via audio how they navigate it as well as fit in details of the summer while the show was on hiatus for a fortnite. Yeah, we said it.

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Ep – 39 – Down To You

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Derek is out this week. Andrew King joins Ward this show. We discuss house sitting and Ward forces Andrew to feed him movie titles where Ward guesses the year they came out. Listen to find out how that goes.

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