Light Cripplling Jizzwhiskers: We are Redundant

Hudds, Edwardo, and The Beard are here. The Beard gives a cooking lesson. We talk politics, COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and Beard goes deep into Lord of the Rings including in depth recollection of The Silmarillion. If you ever wondered what Kristen Ritter's dad's name was, it's Gary. We also talk food production, including what happens to male chicks.

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Blue Suede Goo

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Derek, Edwardo, Hudds, and The Beard are here to give their take on the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The gang also discusses their YouTube Ricky Gervais YouTube video comments. Sam Raimi is directing the next Dr. Strange movie and Edwardo unfortunately confuses him with now disgraced Bryan Singer, which somehow leads to re unearthing Elvis' predilection for young lovers.

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