Enjoy the Burn: God Bless Ronald McDonald

Hudds and Edwardo open the show with some physical fitness talk. Table is set with discussion the Saved by the Bell reboot and new podcast "Zack to the Future" with "Zack Morris is Trash" creator Dashiell Driscoll and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. We tease the next conspiracy topic. DC Universe streaming service is dead. Dave Chappelle forgives Louis CK. We discuss the Southway Bridge flagger and the gofundme set up for smiling and waving and our thoughts on it and much more.

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Conspiracy What? – Bill Hicks is Alex Jones

Hudds and Edwardo are here with loads of great content and personal takes on this conspiracy theory packed episode.  Biden's VP pick Kamala Harris, Trump's base, and the country's divide, maskers vs. non maskers, plus we examine the quite compelling conspiracy that Bill Hicks is Alex Jones as the controlled opposition. Plus, a little bit on the notion of a one world government and what is wrong with idolatry. Note to conspiracy theorists: stick to the more plausible facts.

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Basement Boyz II: Ep – 57 – Bit Poet

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On this, the 57th episode of Basement Boyz 2, we welcome Edwardo’s brother-in-law Jason to the show. We talk about the Super Bowl that wasn’t and the party that was. We also talk about the FBI, DNA, and cryptocurrency. All this plus Michael Bolton goes to sleep down under. Kenny G could not be reached for comment. At the end of the show Edwardo and Jason dip into the archives of the orginal Basement Boyz unearthing Jason's first appearance from 2008 on the show where his MySpace poem is read. Waaaay back. Beware, 2008 Edwardo gets cringe.

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