Ep – 55 – Helping Handies and Red Deadwood Reinvention

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‪On this, the 55th episode of Basement Boyz 2, we discuss the Netflix hosted documentary "Abducted in Plain Sight." How hog horny does your hetero friend need to be before you help him out with a hetero(?) hand job? Is Netflix trying to corner the true crime marketplace? Basement Boyz 2 is a pop culture comedy podcast specializing in TV and movies. The missus' Nicole and Bree join hosts Edwardo and Derek. We also finally discuss Derek and Bree's recent viewing of western horror movie "Bone Tomahawk." We go on about the likeness of the Red Dead Redemption town and it's resemblance to Deadwood as well as our excitement over the upcoming film. All this and we go over some of the content of streamer Daniel FromSL.

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