2 – Time To Go Mad: Ride The Wave

Rest assured MAD DAWGS, Edwardo and Joe are here to critique another couple podcast shows, "Some Kind of Radio Show" and "The Tom Gulley Show."  If Tom Gulley blows up, he'll be me too'd immediately. Dude is creepy. On top of that, we talk about the pain of podcasting and the divisiveness going on in America right now. Also, race relations, politics, the current state of the country, systemic issues, patriotism, the awful government and politics in general. Kanye 2020.

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How We Die: Nut to Butt

This episode gets a little heavier than much of our others. Still pretty light though. Lit, in fact. Derek, Edwardo and Hudds discuss how they think they might come to pass before natural causes. The guys also delve a bit into mental health and depression and it's impact on them. A little  Covid talk and much more. 

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