Memory’s Murky Lane

Derek, Edwardo, Hudds, and The Beard welcome Ron to the show. We talk Harvey Weinstein's prison sentence and have a pretty serious discussion as five privileged white men about what constitutes rape. Derek talks to Ron about his life's failed endeavors and Edwardo talks to Ron about the fan art he created for Basement Boyz Podcast that ran from 2008-2011 and we travel down memory lane. 

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Ep – 01 – Peaceful Protest at Half Speed

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Derek and Edwardo have formally returned with Basement Boyz 2, the long awaited sequel to talk once again, to each other. They discuss more on the history of the podcast and the mostly defunct local Lewiston, Idaho comedy scene. So much to say, and other Smash Mouth lyrics. This is the official first episode of the Basement Boyz 2, not titled "The Time Spent Poorly Show! The original Basement Boyz podcast was the original flagship show, instrumental in starting The Time Spent Poorly Network.

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