Enjoy the Burn: God Bless Ronald McDonald

Hudds and Edwardo open the show with some physical fitness talk. Table is set with discussion the Saved by the Bell reboot and new podcast "Zack to the Future" with "Zack Morris is Trash" creator Dashiell Driscoll and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. We tease the next conspiracy topic. DC Universe streaming service is dead. Dave Chappelle forgives Louis CK. We discuss the Southway Bridge flagger and the gofundme set up for smiling and waving and our thoughts on it and much more.

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Chris Penn, 5’10”

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The Beard, Hudds, Derek, and Edwardo convene to discuss the Saved by the Bell reboot, Titanic 2, plus a few quirky movies. Is Saban Films poising itself to be another arthouse production company or another Lionsgate?

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