MLS cup and the World Series

Ep 43- The Sounders are in the MLS Cup Finals! The Washington Nationals are World Series champions and MLB Free agency begins! NBA and NFL talk plus Andrew did really well on pick'em how will he do this week!

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Can anyone beat Golden State?

Episode 30! We did it! Join Andrew K for NHL and NBA playoff updates...Blazers are out. How are the Kernels doing? Also a small NAIA World Series preview, who wins this year? NCAA D3 College World Series update. Also Mariners and Seahawks.

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Back To Winning Ways

The Sounders are back in the win column, the Blazers advance to play the Warriors, The Seahawks make some moves and will the Bruins just keep destroying the Hurricanes in…

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Roadtrip To Minnesota

Andrew is back from his weekend trip with Shannon to Minneapolis to see the Sounders! Also NBA NHL and MLB talk and a brief Seahawks mini camp update. Plus the Mall of America is truly Americas mall and IKEA is insane

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