What’s Kraken Seattle?

Brother Ron joins Edwardo, Derek, and Hudds. Edwardo's Hella Mega Tour date is back on. Scientology is dumb. The new NHL Seattle Kraken has merchandise! Edwardo is jumping on board. How much would it take for you to take a punch from Mike Tyson. We talk a little sports and look into Oliver Platt and Stanley Tucci's career trajectories after their roles in the 1992 movie "Beethoven." Then there's some DC and Marvel talk as well. 

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The Sports Program on TSPN – 7.6.19 Off the Rails

This week on the show, @homerunjack joins the podcast and the show is bonkers. This show was impossible to edit... so I didn't Enjoy. NBA Free Agency, UFC,  Don't forget to watch the show LIVE. SATURDAYS. YOUTUBE. FACEBOOK Twitter feeds: @SportsOnTSPN @Quackswan @DerekOnTSPN @TSPNmedia

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