14 – Brother Ron’s Tricep Dimples

@RealRonWarner and Edwardo discuss the new HBO Max movie Mortal Kombat. The guys also discuss sexualizing actresses like the Olsen twins, Emma Watson, and Milly Bobby Brown. Edwardo is trying to clean up his diet and get active again. Ron is doing nothing and not gaining weight.

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Comedy Shelf Life

On this show we talk about celebrity podcast saturation, the shock value wild wild west era of podcasting circa 2005-2010. In woke America, what comedy is evergreen and what has expired.

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Basement Boyz II: Ep – 58 – Carnie Redbox

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With only 8 more shows until we put a pin in Basement Boyz 2, we welcome Peter Brill once again to the show. Derek and Peter discuss WWE nostalgia. Derek has some nerdy streamer news, plus we touch on his comedy show. Peter watched a movie! We discuss how some motivational speakers are infecting higher education and the professional workplace.We also talk more health and nutrition, plus Mars or bust: humor needed.

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Ep – 23 – Special Delivery

Ward and Derek welcome Rick Huddleston. This episode we talk about television, the evolution of gaming, Rick's beard's birthday, and of course the history of our friendships.

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Ep – 18 – Good Will Hunting’s Recycled Shirts and Chalkboards

Ward and Derek welcome special guest and old Basement Boyz alum Andrew. The three get together and talk about Ward's upcoming 10K race, Derek and Andrew's pigskin pick'em, recycling, and the possibility of breathing life into old Basement Boyz shirt inventory via Goodwill. Among other things, the cost of vanilla and the do's and don'ts of boxes at Costco, as well as, and of course, some Basment Boyz history.

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Ep – 17 – Proprietary Shenanigans

Ward and Derek welcome special guest and local business owner Myndie Vanhorn to discuss her business as well as all our our interwoven history with one another that dates back nearly 20 years. There is laughter as well as some touching moments in this episode. Myndie will be a return guest on the show! Thanks for listening!

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Ep – 16 – Standing Up Brocks

Ward and Derek are back after two weeks off, but you , the listener have not missed a beat. With New York behind them, Derek talks about his most recent stand up comedy outing and Ward and Derek briefly close the ending of the show with a health update.

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