Courtesy Bruno’s Blackberry!

The gang welcomes longtime listener Bruno to the show and is being proudly brought to you by his Blackberry. He's heard our voice for years, now we get to hear his. Surprisingly he does not sound like a European 80's villain. He shares his experience working in location services for the film industry out of New York City and surrounding areas.

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Derek, Edwardo, Hudds, and The Beard welcome Edwardo's brother in law Jayzak to the show. Corona Watch  2020! Hudds wants a greater demise from this than what we have. We posit the our personal futures. Edwardo doesn't have a generator. Derek announces the new show to the network "Smartmark Wrasslin' Radio: A Slobberknocker of a Time." Edwardo is a terrible salesman, but he is the engineer, bitch! Facebook Marketplace is a cesspool.

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Blue Suede Goo

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Derek, Edwardo, Hudds, and The Beard are here to give their take on the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The gang also discusses their YouTube Ricky Gervais YouTube video comments. Sam Raimi is directing the next Dr. Strange movie and Edwardo unfortunately confuses him with now disgraced Bryan Singer, which somehow leads to re unearthing Elvis' predilection for young lovers.

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Basement Boyz II: Ep – 60 – Something Something Child Stars Something

With Derek out this week, Edwardo helms the ship with the help of brothers Rick and Chris Huddleston to discuss many of favorite child stars from our day. We do some of that, but mostly other things, and that's okay. We go down many rabbit holes, watching some trailers and clips along the way. It is quite the joyous occasion of random nostalgia that can only be found on the Time Spent Poorly Network.

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Basement Boyz II: Ep – 59 – Super Duper

On this show, the gang discusses their top five worst super hero movies. Rick Huddleston joins Edwardo and Derek on another fine episode of Basement Boyz 2. Derek has done his research and has a thoughtful argument for the discussion while Edwardo and Rick phone theirs in by comparison. Speaking of phoning it in, Josh Elliot from episode 56 calls to present his argument. Political arguments don't get this heated. We also talk movie and TV reboots. 90210, Luke Perry, Aladdin, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, and more.

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