23 – Newsweek’s James Crump Ruins the World

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@HuddsMagruder and Edwardo are in studio, @RealRonWarner is out due to back issues, but joins while medicated later in the episode. We read a couple news articles. Black vultures are scary. Also, a discussion about new Marvel content, and how fan theories are a wasteful endeavor.

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22 – Killer Chimptelligence

@HuddsMagruder, @RealRonWarner and Edwardo re back, this time to talk a little MCU, the new Suicide squad, adding a human intelligence gene into monkeys, and killer chimps pack killing gorillas.

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19 – Generations

@HuddsMagruder, @RealRonWarner and Edwardo have a discussion about generation names. Which generation do you fall into? Are they cyclical? Are we about to turn over into another silent, greatest, or other? This discussion occurred over two separate sit downs. Jeff joins for the second half of the discussion.

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The Ashmore Twins: Shawn > Aaron

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Edwardo, Hudds, and Brother Ron are here to talk television, movies, and conspiracies. Hudds and Edwardo endorse "The Devil All The Time." Do you watch your shows with subtitles? We do.

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Harry Potter: Summers with Mad Eye Moody

Derek, Hudds, Edwardo and Brother Ron convene to talk about the movie Vivarium with Jesse Eisenberg and the Harry Potter books and movies. Derek points out the big Mad Eye Moody plot hole in "The Goblet of Fire."  JK Rowling likes revisionist history. We also discuss some of the big problems with the most recent Star Wars Trilogy. Mainly, Kathleen Kennedy.

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Idiocracy: America’s Hope Poster

@DerekOnTSPN, @HuddsMagruder, and Edwardo are here. We talk #gaming, the future of cinema in a post covid world, movies ahead of their time, and star duos whose trajectories were opposite of what we might have predicted.

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Comedy Shelf Life

On this show we talk about celebrity podcast saturation, the shock value wild wild west era of podcasting circa 2005-2010. In woke America, what comedy is evergreen and what has expired.

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Pluck Fassbender and McAvoy

Derek, Edwardo and Hudds are here to talk Marvel, DC, and their respective universes, namely the Zack Snyder Justice League cut for HBO Max. All this and much more.

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Derek, Edwardo, Hudds, and The Beard welcome Edwardo's brother in law Jayzak to the show. Corona Watch  2020! Hudds wants a greater demise from this than what we have. We posit the our personal futures. Edwardo doesn't have a generator. Derek announces the new show to the network "Smartmark Wrasslin' Radio: A Slobberknocker of a Time." Edwardo is a terrible salesman, but he is the engineer, bitch! Facebook Marketplace is a cesspool.

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