Courtesy Bruno’s Blackberry!

The gang welcomes longtime listener Bruno to the show and is being proudly brought to you by his Blackberry. He's heard our voice for years, now we get to hear his. Surprisingly he does not sound like a European 80's villain. He shares his experience working in location services for the film industry out of New York City and surrounding areas.

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What’s Kraken Seattle?

Brother Ron joins Edwardo, Derek, and Hudds. Edwardo's Hella Mega Tour date is back on. Scientology is dumb. The new NHL Seattle Kraken has merchandise! Edwardo is jumping on board. How much would it take for you to take a punch from Mike Tyson. We talk a little sports and look into Oliver Platt and Stanley Tucci's career trajectories after their roles in the 1992 movie "Beethoven." Then there's some DC and Marvel talk as well. 

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The Time Spent Poorly Show! – Ep – 19 – River Tree Trash 2020

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Derek is back, joined by Edwardo, The Beard, and Hudds. On this episode we talk about the new movie "The Joker," as well as the DC comic universe as it pertains to the CW multiverse and upcoming Batman fare. All this, plus get your undercooked pork handy for trichinosis inducing chuckles as we share our thoughts on the democratic race for the 2020 presidential election

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Basement Boyz II: Ep – 62 – Release the Kraken

Edwardo and Derek welcome William McClaine, host of the "Heroes United" podcast to talk all things Marvel and DC Universe. We also discuss Edwardo's new NHL hockey team. And guess what? He's not a bandwagon guy. Andy K. of King Sports calls in to make his case for a Seattle NHL team name. Also we preview the new Deadwood movie trailer.

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