Seattle Likes to win

EP-44-Andrew K is back! Its been a month, Sounders win the MLS Cup, the Seahawks are 10-2 and looking good. NFL Standings whos in and whos not looking so good, NHL standings how are the Avs doing, and the Blazers sign Carmelo Anthony

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MLS cup and the World Series

Ep 43- The Sounders are in the MLS Cup Finals! The Washington Nationals are World Series champions and MLB Free agency begins! NBA and NFL talk plus Andrew did really well on pick'em how will he do this week!

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Dinger Derby and World Cup Champs

Episode 35 is here! ASG HR Derby happened last night, who won? The US Women repeat as World Cup champions. Did the men succeed in beating Mexico? Andrew K also talks NBA free agency, Kawhi joins the Clippers and gets Paul George to join him. Soccer talk and more!

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Roadtrip To Minnesota

Andrew is back from his weekend trip with Shannon to Minneapolis to see the Sounders! Also NBA NHL and MLB talk and a brief Seahawks mini camp update. Plus the Mall of America is truly Americas mall and IKEA is insane

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Seahawks Draft Recap

Andrew is back with another Friday show! NBA and NHL Playoff updates. How are the Mariners holding up? Sounders are in Minnesota this weekend and Andrew will be there! How…

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4 Years $140 Million

Join Andrew K for Ep. 25, Russell Wilson is staying in Seattle, The Mariners are human after all and an update on the Mariners organization, The Sounders keep the unbeaten streak alive. Avs winning, Plus NBA Playoff Talk, and local team update!

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How are the M’s 10-2?

Episode 24, Andrew K is still confused as to how the M's are 10-2, Plus I forget to talk about the NCAA National Title game, NBA and NHL Playoff predictions. Minor League Baseball talk, and a Sounders update.

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Dinger season is in full swing

Andrew K is back this week with Ep 23. NBA and NHL Playoff race talk. The AAF may fold? Is your bracket still doing well, Andrew's isn't find out who his pick is now for the Champion of the NCAA, and MLB talk the M's are rolling this season but can they keep it up?

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Nolan gets Paid!

Ep 19! Nolan Arenado stays with the Rockies for 8 years, AAF Week 3, MLB Spring Training is in full swing and the M's dont look terrible, NBA and NHL…

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MLS is season is near!

Ep.18 Join Andrew K as he talks about MLS Preseason and the lead up to the regular season, a small Sounders preview, Machado goes to San Deigo, AAF week 2 recap and week 3 picks and MLB NBA and NHL talk!

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