15 – The Smell of Music

@HuddsMagruder, @RealRonWarner and Edwardo are back to give their top five personally effectual bands or artists from when they were growing up.

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14 – Brother Ron’s Tricep Dimples

@RealRonWarner and Edwardo discuss the new HBO Max movie Mortal Kombat. The guys also discuss sexualizing actresses like the Olsen twins, Emma Watson, and Milly Bobby Brown. Edwardo is trying to clean up his diet and get active again. Ron is doing nothing and not gaining weight.

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12 – Rewatchable Programming

@RealRonWarner and Edwardo meet this episode to talk collectibles like funko pops, other action figures, and other hoard able goods. We talk spatial repurposing like making a media room, and Ron talks about his Breaking Bad rewatch which leads to discussions about other TV programming.

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11 – Macaullay Culkin’s Asian Babies

@HuddsMagruder, @TheRealRonWarner, and Edwardo @Brunosmind to the show to talk about famous celebrity kids and their career potential. Are they destined to live in the shadow of their more famous parent, will they or have they eclipsed their parent, or will they have a career that is on par with their famous parent or parents?

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10 – Pre and Post Pandie: A Big Vas Deferens

Brother Ron, Edwardo, and Hudds welcome Bruno back to the program to talk about the current state of Covid, Ron and Edwardo's largely varying vasectomy experiences, medicinal psychedelics, and our plans for the beyond.

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9 – One Point Five Speed

Edwardo and Hudds are in the house for this episode to talk about the The Snyder Justice League cut, plus the movie Jui Jitsu with Nicolas Cage and the underutilized Frank Grillo. All this and more on The Time Spent Poorly Show!

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8 – Professional Theatrical Quality Feature Length Films

Hudds, Brother Ron, and Edwardo are here to talk about the arrested or stunted development of the average American and people of the world, namely those dudes that keep making 80's Stallone style hero action flicks on their own dime, well past a relevant time to do so.

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For the first "No Notes" show of 2021, Edwardo and Hudds welcome the Beard back for another round of commentary that centers largely around Wheel of Fortune (WOF) host Pat Sajak and a handful of long pauses. This is the best episode note Edwardo could come up with on short notice. Basically people are trying to cancel Pat Sajak via twitter and we have things to say about it.

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6 – Che Thanks

On this episode, The Beard is here to talk about Tom Hanks and his Epstein ties, but first, is Edwardo moving to the Northeast? Maybe. Listen and find out more.

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