Hashtag Cancelled: Who’s Teflon and Who’s Wet Paper?

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Edwardo, @HuddsMagruder, and @TheRealRonWarner welcome Joe Schultz, Edwardo's old friend from nearly 20 years ago to the show to talk about cancel culture in Hollywood. But first, the guys try out Edwardo's first batch of home brew, made from an Amber Ale kid from Northern Brewer.

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Little Hints of Sadness

The gang is here again to talk about Dane Cook's desperation to return to the spotlight. Dane is horny for Jessica Alba. We examine the sad state of affairs that is Dane Cook's career trajectory at present and how it contrasts against Louis CK's. Dane Cook is planning a YouTube channel launch. We also read some news headlines and Jim Carrey's work in Sonic the Hedgehog. We do this show LIVE, so there's also a little playfulness with that element. We talk Mel Gibson and a little about his body of work, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Succession, voice actors, and much more.

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