Basement Boyz II: Ep – 56 – Emcee Hammered

The Time Spent Poorly Show!
The Time Spent Poorly Show!
Basement Boyz II: Ep - 56 - Emcee Hammered

About This Episode: Netflix, Movies, and Hockey

On this, the 56th episode of Basement Boyz 2, we finally decide to discuss the Netflix hosted movie “Bird Box.”  Basement Boyz 2 is a pop culture comedy podcast specializing in TV and movies. Tonight Edwardo and Derek welcome show newcomer and fellow hockey player Josh E. We talk hockey and Edwardo shares a hockey related story. Derek also talks about his most recent stand up comedy booking. Derek and Ward also announce their plans to expose Tyra Banks’ low IQ.

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Basement Boyz 2 Podcast is a pop culture comedy podcast with hosts Edwardo and Derek on the Time Spent Poorly Network and is based out of the Pacific Northwest. Regularly bringing in guests, they discuss various topics. Topics include television, movies, video games, sports, and more. Basement Boyz is currently working towards it’s final episode, 65. Afterwards, the hosts will rise from the ashes anew, under the show title Time Spent Poorly. You can follow the hosts on twitter @TSPNMedia and @DerekOnTSPN. Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram. You can also subscribe to the show on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher. Please be so kind to write a review and rate the show on iTunes and Spotify. The more ratings this show receives, the greater the potential for increased exposure to new listeners.

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Basement Boyz is live every Thursday at 8 PM Pacific on YouTube. Feel free to contact the show by email at You can also call in during the show or leave a voicemail a nice British gal will collect by calling 208-629.5355.

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