The Sports Program on TSPN: 10.31.20 – Halloween Spooktackular– NFL Pick ’ems and more!

The Sports Program on TSPN
The Sports Program on TSPN
The Sports Program on TSPN: 10.31.20 - Halloween Spooktackular-- NFL Pick 'ems and more!

About This Episode: MLB World Series

Derek, Zach, and HomeRun Jack are all present and accounted for another sports packed episode of Sports Program to talk the MLB World Series and More NFL Pickems. How did we become fans? Our five favorite players and Football player A-Z. The guys have their ear on the sports track waiting for the next train to roll in, but COVID has it all blocked up for the foreseeable future. The guys will keep pluggin’ away at it until all other sports reenter the picture.

Hard Hitting Sports Hot Takes! Just kidding–we’re some comical sports fans who like to talk about sports. We have weekly discussions (Fridays @ 7:00PM PST) about NFL pick ‘ems, fantasy, NBA, MLB, NHL, and current sport news stories. We also talk about other things like Four Loco hangovers, Dragon Ball Z reruns, and tinder–but yeah, mostly sports.

About The Show

Sports Program is live Fridays on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Periscope. The hosts hail from the great Pacific Northwest and have a great love of all things sports. In addition to the love, all three possess an analytical expertise that enables them to break down both individual and team gameplay. They use this expertise to speak predictively about the future of these players and teams. For an opportunity to contribute to the conversation, tune in when the guys go live so you can chat in and give these gents your two cents.

You can listen to or watch Derek on “The Time Spent Poorly Show!” Live, every other Tuesday, and “Smartmark Wrasslin’,” live Thursdays. Access those shows and other great content at

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