“The Sick Kitten”

Lucy and I have been pressed for time recently, but our dedication to cinema never sleeps! Today, we will be doing a short review of an equally short film, ‘The Sick Kitten.’

The Sick Kitten’ is an ancient film in movie standards, having been created in 1903. It was directed by George Albert Smith, an eccentric Englishman known for being a stage performer and psychic. The film runs about 35 seconds long, though when the speed is corrected to look more natural, it runs about a minute in length.


The silent movie features two children and two kitties. The story goes that one of the kittens is sick, so the little girl has called in a doctor. The doctor brings medicine, the little girl spoon feeds the kitten, and the kitten is cured of its illness. All is well.


I am a big fan of antique photography and film, it is fascinating every time. And of course, we love everything cat related, so the two combined were a joy to watch, even if just for a minute.

The plot is extremely simple, and the film is so short and so old it’s hard to critique it, especially by modern standards. Also, it was short enough that Lucy didn’t fall asleep!

Final Score:

The kittens were very cute, and appeared in every frame, which bumps this simple movie up to a good solid A-

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You can watch ‘The Sick Kitten’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbXvsVKIEwo

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