Ep – 04 – Bystanding At A Distance

The Time Spent Poorly Show!
The Time Spent Poorly Show!
Ep - 04 - Bystanding At A Distance

About This Episode: Variety Customer Service

In this episode, Derek and Edwardo discuss a wide variety of topics, from giving to, and receiving customer service. Next, they’ll share their thoughts on betrayal from those they have admired in life, plus much more. Edwardo covers his Scarywood experience, and discusses the inner monologues he recites for bystanders as he drives.  In addition, Derek unveils his and the “Some Funny Dudes” comedy scene ousting from Hogan’s bar in Clarkston, Washington. Finally, episode five is teased where the guys will discuss the initial downfall of the Basement Boyz podcast in the episode that will be aptly titled “YOKO”

Derek and Edwardo have formally returned with Basement Boyz 2.

The Time Spent Poorly Show! (formally “Basement Boyz 2” and also a revival of the previous “Time Spent Poorly” podcast) is a pop culture comedy podcast with hosts Edwardo, Derek, Hudds, with regular guests on the Time Spent Poorly Network and based out of the Pacific Northwest. The hosts discuss a variety of topics that include television, movies, video games, conspiracies, and more. You can follow the hosts on twitter @TSPNMedia, @DerekOnTSPN, and @HuddsMagruder. Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram. You can also subscribe to the show on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher. Please be so kind to write a review and rate the show on iTunes and Spotify. The more ratings this show receives, the greater the potential for increased exposure to new listeners.

Other Ventures

In Addition to The Time Spent Poorly Show!, video clips of these audio episodes can be found on YouTube. Edwardo also hosts “A Beer with Edwardo” on YouTube, a series where a beer is drank whilst Edwardo gimmicks the hell out of the video. Come for the beer, stick around for the gimmicks. Derek is a co-host on two other shows. The first is “The Sports Program on TSPN” with Zach Swan and Home Run Jack, who has been on the show the whole time. The other show is “Smartmark Wrasslin'” cohosted by Hudds (as of 2020, also acting cohost on “The Time Spent Poorly Show!”), and Dusty Katz.

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